Wednesday, August 13, 2008

...scape, swinging, pipe

Posted by PicasaLand or sea, earth or air, vegetable animal or mineral? Tomorrow, the full picture.

A stocky woman walks in front of me at an immense pace, one arm supporting a large shoulder bag, the other swinging in front of her and to the side, as though she is performing an unusual military manoeuvre. Her gait, in no other way military, is further dramatised by its wandering aim, as she tacks continuously across the pavement from left to right. Walking behind her, I find it hard to steer straight myself.

Today, I pass in the Grove a red faced, grey-suited man with a white moustache. He has a pipe, which protrudes at an angle from one side of his mouth. He walks briskly, and the pipe, which never moves, seems to be a vent for some hidden source of motive power.

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