Friday, August 29, 2008

petunia... use by, vibrations

...about to open.

The "use by date" on a pot of yogurt this morning has the effect of bringing forward our holiday, or appearing to do so. "Use by 19. 09. 08", it says. By then, all being well, we'll be on holiday.

As I pass the church of King Charles the Martyr, from behind a window fortified against marauders with a criss-cross wire frame, I hear the deep vibrations of organ music easing into the afternoon.
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Roderick Robinson said...

I wonder who decided on the title: King Charles the Martyr. And with what justification.

Re: organs. When the Tuba Magna stop is pulled out and a very low note is keyed, you can feel the vibrations in your own diaphragm.