Saturday, October 04, 2008

banana, juice, light

Posted by Picasa This outer layer of fiber or bark round the base of a banana palm has an appealing woven quality.

Juice, made with the help of juicer from apples (three large Bramleys and three Cox's), carrots and ginger, makes us feel virtuous because it is healthy, but its perfect balance of acidity and sweetness is equally appealing to the palate. So much "fresh" bottled fruit juice is too sweet.

I am still laughing to myself at a recent post in Clare Grant's blog, One of her work colleagues, in response to a request from their employer for ideas on power-saving, suggested: "Switch off the light at the end of the tunnel." Clare's idea to log three beautiful things every day is the inspiration behind my own blog and many others.

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Lucy said...

Before the days of juicing machines, my parents used to make lovely juice from homegrown apples using an electric drill with a curious blade attachment, then strained the resulting pulp. Camden(sp?) tablets kept the colour a beautiful pale green.