Wednesday, October 08, 2008

modesty, mountains, reincarnation

Posted by Picasa Sunflowers are bold and sometimes garish flowers. This sunflower in bud, however, suggests first of all modesty.

On the bedroom windows this morning there are patterns of condensation peaked like mountain ranges.

An old lady, whom I have known for a long time, says in a letter to me that she believes in reincarnation. I am not sure that I do, except perhaps in a literary sense. In a BBC 4 radio play this afternoon based on Patrick O'Brien's novel HMS Surprise, for example, I hear the voice of the original Barrett Bonden, now reincarnated as the author of the blog, Works Well.


Anonymous said...

'the voice of the original Barrett Bonden' - really?

Unknown said...

An actor, of course, as the novels are set during the Napoleonic wars. Sorry if this was too esoteric.

Roderick Robinson said...

But speaking with which accent? It should have been Hampshire. Mind you, anything would be an improvement on the ineradicable inheritance this Barrett Bonden received from the West Riding. The strongest possible encouragement to enter the world of letters and to keep my mouth shut.

I approached the film Master and Commander fearfully since I have read the O'Brien series at least three times and I have very strong mental images of the main characters. The Stephen Maturin character proved to be a mere sketch, but Russell Crowe did very well with Jack Aubrey. In fact when he told Jack's anecdote about Nelson not needing a cloak because he was warmed by his love of England I was genuinely moved. As I am now in transcribing it.

Lucy said...

A Yorkshire accent, is it? Now I shall always here his comments read with one!

Linda S. Socha said...

Lovely light hearted post and great photos. Thank you