Sunday, November 23, 2008

pyracantha, cold, Lego

Posted by Picasa So intent is he on his feast, this blackbird looks worried by my attentions, but is reluctant to fly away. He holds a berry in his beak for a moment, before swallowing it, but I miss the moment with my camera.

The cold weather, when it arrives, is like an old friend, the way weather used to be at this time of year and is supposed to be. But, this morning, a fall of snow, confident for an hour or so, settles on roof tops, trees and hedges, before melting in the cold rain, which takes the place of the snowflakes drifting past the window.

In a basement window, I two small boys assembling a vast structure of Lego bricks on a table, just right for a wet Sunday afternoon. It whets my appetite for the neatness and versatility of Lego, which has long been out my range of activities. Oh the satisfaction of clicking together two bricks in a firm but impermanent union!


Roderick Robinson said...

Let me remind you of the ultimate Lego experience. You enter your sleeping child's bedroom to check the covers and you stand on a Lego brick in your bare feet. Only well-developed self-interest prevents you from crying out aloud.

Unknown said...

As ever a poor speller, thanks for the correction, now taken advantage of, and for reminding me of the feel of lego under a bare foot, now recollected, thank God, in tranquility.

Dave King said...

Lovely image!