Saturday, November 01, 2008

shelter, free, face down

On Tunbridge Wells station, under the passenger bridge above platform 1, a pigeon may feel secure.

On Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall's TV programme about Autumn food collected from the wild, dishes made from nettles, wood mushrooms, berries and oysters are served at a party at the end of the programme. One dish is a ragout of grey squirrel, which accompanies some bright green pasta, coloured and flavoured with nettles. A guest, a local farmer who helped catch the squirrels, which constantly threaten his crops, is able to reinforce his appreciation of the rich, steaming sauce, with the words: "Revenge is a dish best served hot."

The big plane tree leaves which are scattered on the pavement of Mount Pleasant invariably, like slices of buttered bread are supposed to do, fall and lie face down.
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Lucas said...

The pigeon looks Ok. The metal work on the station looks rusty. Character on a stage.