Friday, January 09, 2009

seeds, neighbour, carnivores

Posted by Picasa Seeds hanging on in winter.

I see out neighbour, back from Australia, standing outside his house. I do not recognise him because he is wearing a hood to keep out the cold. He sees me and smiles, while removing his hood: "We're back, " he says. After exchanging politenesses about the merits of our respective Christmas pleasures, I confess to having stolen some of the space in their fridge, in the two days before Christmas, to store our turkey, while checking on their house as requested. He admits to feeling the cold after the heat of an Australian summer. There is this much else to agree about.

In Hall's, Tunbridge Wells' renowned book shop, they say they have been much busier than usual since the new butcher opened, directly opposite them, before Christmas. Carnivores and bookworms, a healthy combination.


tristan said...

am i missing something ... do carnivores eat bookworms ?

Bee said...

I'm with your Australian neighbour! I'm finding January very cold after some time in the Caribbean.

I do think people want more meat in cold weather!

Roderick Robinson said...

Or what about carnivorous bookworms? "You're lucky. I'm only half-way through The Ambassadors otherwise I'd have gobbled your liver and lights."

Unknown said...

I think that carnivores and bookworms live in peace with one another, like Australians in a cold climate.

Doesn't sound as though much diplomacy has rubbed off, BB. Somehow I can't imagine a vegetarian bookworm, but they must exist.