Sunday, February 15, 2009

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February rose.

A small girl on a small fairy bike, with a pair of auxiliary wheels at the rear, wears a pink crash helmet. "You're helping me!" she protests as her father, tries to help her negotiate a corner.

A Sainsbury's this morning, the young man at the checkout practices customer relations as some might practice a tennis serve. "Have you had a good day, so far? " he asks. It is 10.30 in the morning. "So far, " I admit. Whereupon, as he applies my purchases to the bar code reader, he demands: "Are you looking forward to anything special later today?" I remember that I have been similarly questioned by the same young man on a previous occasion, and I find myself again too surprised to come up with a suitable answer A backhand, passing shot low over the net straight to the base line, is what is called for.

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tristan said...

ah ! shop talk !

now you're tempting us !

i'd be tempted to tell him about the evening i was planning at the snooker hall with those nymphomaniac triplets i met at butlins last summer