Monday, February 16, 2009

shadow, cauliflower, celebration

Posted by PicasaOn the trunk is a shadow of a branch.

"I want a cauliflower, " says a woman to her husband at the supermarket, "I just feel like one."

Above the High Street, caught in the wire, which straddles the road, where the Christmas lights are hung in season, is a bouquet of balloons, yellow, mauve and white, which have broken loose. The wind blows the bunch along the wire until it reaches the centre. There it bobs and writhes, a celebration with nothing to celebrate but itself.


Roderick Robinson said...

I felt like a cauliflower at Sainsbury's this morning. V said, "They're very expensive." (ie, £1.18). At the checkout the bill came to £86, swollen by a litre bottle of Scotch and a bottle of Jamaica rum (a sector of the drinks industry where the choice is ever-widening). Since she had given in to my expensive taste in vegetables, I offered to pay for the booze. This was accepted.

Cauliflower-buying tip. If you feel they're expensive choose a little one rather than a large one. That way there's no waste. I never return to a half-used cauli with the same enthusiasm as I attack the inviolate whole.

The Crow said...

While I can't say I've ever felt like a cauliflower, per se, there have been times I've felt I was like some kind of vegetable...something past its prime, slipping down the slope toward irreversible rot, fast approaching my compost stage.

I do so enjoy your posts.

Martha, in Pennsylvania

Unknown said...

Is a cauliflower worth the cheese it's bathed in?

The Crow said...

Rather depends upon the cheese, I suspect.

Over here, we see golden orange cauliflowers in the market, as well as chartreuse ones. Since the brighter colored ones cost quite a bit more, I usually leave them in favor of the white ones.

I wonder, though, if I'm missing out on something special by not choosing one of them instead?


Unknown said...

Martha, you should try the green ones called Romanesco over here. They have flavour as well as texture, and do not demand cheese.

The Crow said...

I've never pondered that a vegetable might be considered demanding, though I've known some pushy potatoes in my day.

Your use of our common language is pleasantly different from what I am accustomed to here in the States, Joe. Makes me look at the language from a different perspective.

I will try to find the green cauliflower.