Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new-fledged, crash helmet, sirens,

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Today's blackbird. Judging by its small size and demeanour, it is recently fledged.

In the Grove, I often pass, as I do today, an elderly woman wearing a crash helmet and walking her dog. It is the sort of helmet that cyclists wear, and I ask myself whether she cycles to the Grove with her little dog in a basket on the handlebars. More probably, as I have never seen her or her dog on a bike, she wears the helmet as a fashion item. Or maybe it makes her feel safe from the perils and dangers of modern life.

Racing up the High Street, its siren wailing and its tyres hissing on the wet road comes a police car, flashing its warning light. Other traffic gives way clumsily. Behind it comes a police van, like the car, white with blue and yellow insignia, and blasting its siren. It brings a thread of excitement to a dull afternoon. People look at one another, their eyes lively with anticipation. For a moment, it's like the movies.


The Crow said...

She might wear the helmet for her safety, if she is epileptic or has another illness that causes her to fall. One of my daughter's elementary school friends had to wear a helmet for that reaseon (epilepsy).


Roderick Robinson said...

The Crow's got it in one. Or, this being Tunbridge Wells, perhaps it's a Versace helmet and she's trying to get as much mileage as possible out of it.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Crow, for your insight. And BB, for your fashion knowledge.I thought the helmet would look good on a model.