Tuesday, May 05, 2009

South Bank, courage, tethered

Posted by PicasaPassing. The South Bank of the Thames.

It strikes me that it takes courage to stand alone in Grosvenor Precinct and talk about redemption as though addressing a congregation, when no one, but no one, stops to listen. The modest looking man with a wad of leaflets in his hand, is no orator, but he believes in trying to get a message across, and is not going to be defeated.
Two bicycles are tethered and padlocked to steel hoops set into the pavement for that purpose. There is a plaintive, almost animal look about their handlebars pointing in different directions as though looking for a means of escape.

Lucy's reply to What's for lunch? is on Compasses. One commentator has remarked that the dialogue, as it is evolving, is like people having a conversation over water. My own feeling is that it is taking place between two people in a beautiful world where cruel and threatening shadows darken the horizon.

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