Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Santa Maria del Mar, Fiduea, long way home

Inside the wonderful fourteenth century church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, which is also called the people's church, there is a sad notice in English, which reads Keep a close eye on your belongings. Beware of flower sellers.

Fiduea is a Catalan dish which consists of very fine noodles which are cooked in a black sauce of octapus ink,with octapus in small slices, and prawns. It is prepared in a wide, shallow pan called a paellera, also used for paella, from which it is ceremoniously served. It is a treat, which we always look forward to.

In a bar I overhear a woman on a mobile phone. She says I want to go to Australia via China.


Clickbank Mall said...

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Isabel said...

Why do English speakers say "fiduea" when it is FIDEUA from FIDEO?
I have seen that spelling error even in edited books.


Plutarch said...

I should have known better. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because that's how it's spelled in Catalan which is a different language to Spanish.