Wednesday, October 10, 2007

best words, prodigious, time

The best words that a cook can hear: "I'm hungry".

Prodigious is not a word I use often. But the snail I meet this morning on the decaying leaf of a courgette plant is prodigious, vaster than empires.

I enjoy telling the time by the quality of the light allowing for the growing hours of darkness and the state of the weather.


comes under the blind in the morning, making allowance for the longer period of darkness and the weather anticiapted.


Lucy said...

My poor father blotted his copy book forever by saying to my mother, early in their marriage, 'That was nice, I must have been hungry' after a meal. He was never allowed to forget it, and we, even the later offspring, were inculcated with it as a family saying.
Are the big gaps a Tristram Shandyesque device to illustrate the paragraph about light?

Unknown said...

Something very strange happened as I was ending the post, so that a gap seemed to increase at a quantum rate, stopping me from making any sense of the last sentence. The fault seems to have been corrected.

Unknown said...

For the record,I meant to say that the gap grew exponentially.