Saturday, October 13, 2007

duck ham, leaves, carrots

A packet of what we thought were thin slices of very fine, serrano ham turns out to be slices of "duck ham". We bought it at the last minute before leaving Spain, no time to read the label. But it proves even more delicious, especially when eaten with fresh figs, than the ham made from the black legged pigs, bred in the upland, oak forests of Andalucia, which we thought we had bought.

I see a shower of leaves behind the trunk of the Turkey oak in the Grove. The cause is hidden by the thick trunk.. As I move on, I see a small boy tossing up arms full of leaves and letting them fall on his head.

Emerging from a woman's bag, is a crest of carrot leaves. Are carrots growing in her bag? Of course not. Don't be silly. But wouldn't it be wonderful if they were?


Anonymous said...

Ah, carrot leaves - a memory of my mother, who grew carrots in her garden, and snipped the leaves for her little flower arrangements.

Lucas said...

A woman who grows carrots in her hand bag - surely a perfect character for a children's story!