Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dungeons, salad, notebooks

In the window of the Early Learning Centre toyshop, is a boxed construction kit, called Dungeons of Doom. "For 6 - 8 year olds", the box says.

Rows of lettuces are in flower. Some have gone to seed. In a few cases, new leaves have sprouted from plants, not yet in flower, where lettuces were cut earlier. These offer themselves for salad. More salad in the rows of mixed, oriental mustards and rocket. The mustards have yellow flowers, the rocket, white. Flowers as well as leaves go into salads, and have the same spicy flavour.

Still thinking about notebooks, I read by chance in Ann Wroe's new biography Being Shelley, this account of the poet's notebook habits:
"Thought demanded fresh pages in new notebooks, used pages in old ones (turned upside down, thrown sideways, one poem burying another), or any spare piece of paper, or letter back, or bill, which he was sometimes reduced to begging from visitors and friends."

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