Monday, January 28, 2008

bowls, trimmed, "just me"

Someone I know, who enjoys turning wood and has all the appropriate equipment, in response to a question about the progress of his hobby, says he's not doing so much of it at the moment because: "I've run out of friends, to whom I can give bowls".

My crayon drawing of a chicken is finished. I wasn't entirely happy with the composition when I realized that a few centimeters trimmed off one side and off the bottom of the picture would make a difference. It has. It is as if the bird has moved forward and is ready to step out of the page on which it is drawn.

From an account in our local paper of the selection of the new Conservative parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and Weald.
"She explained why she had the edge over other candidates: "I'm just me at the end of the day..."


Bill said...

A friendship can handle only
so many bowls

Anonymous said...

"A crayon chicken in every bowl!" promises the postmodern candidate.

Fire Bird said...

gosh, who is she in the morning?