Monday, January 07, 2008

seeds only, helmet, upside down

A recipe involving two pomegranates in the Independent this weekend specifies "seeds only".

A lot of thought and care goes into the packaging of commercial products. A shame to let it go to waste. I am often tempted to put it aside for another purpose. And sometimes I do and forget about it. For instance, photographs, taken at Christmas, show me wearing a strange piece of head gear. I had forgotten that I had wanted to find a use for the silver, outer packaging of the Christmas pudding. I had smoothed it out and shaped it to my skull, with flaps over my ears, a better titfer than paper-crowns out of crackers.

An upside down enameled bath outside a house in Belview strikes me as interesting in the same way as Rachel Whitread's reversed-out, moulded sculptures, which show objects from an unusual point of view. The bath has two diamond shaped holes for the taps; and the overflow - a caterpillar-like metal tube - connects an aperture, beneath these, to the protruding stump of the escape pipe beneath the plug hole.

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Fire Bird said...

I like all the unexpected views in this post