Monday, January 14, 2008

something else, potential, 30 words

A big, white dog seems to be standing up on the rear seat of a parked car, which faces towards the sun. It's another case of seeing something which turns out to be something else altogether - a sort of living metaphor. The dog, as I get closer, turns out to be the reflection of a fluffy cloud in the car's windscreen.

The display area of a shop formerly devoted to the sale of carpets, is now given over to running and peddling machines, and the like, stacks of them. I grow dizzy at the thought of all the potential energy concentrated in their future use.

Clare ( started it, and Lucy has taken up the 30-word description.. It is harder, I believe, than writing 300 words. But "contractility is a virtue as modesty is a virtue".

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Lucy said...

'Contractility' eh? That's one to conjure with...
Thanks for the link!