Monday, January 21, 2008

doodle, Blue Monday, hat

Into the middle of a small doodle on the pad on my desk, I stick a grape stalk. A little of the flesh from the grape adheres to the paper so that the stalk sticks up in the air. The doodle becomes three dimensional. I trace with a pencil the shadow cast by the stalk. The tracing and the shadow form a single line. I move the pad and the shadow moves away from its original position, but the tracing remains in the same place. The doodle becomes four dimensional.

Today, I read, is Blue Monday. Psychologists have apparently calculated that it is the day of the year when depression reaches a peak among the population. So far, I have, myself, managed to feel chipper enough.

A hat called a Tilley is given to me as a present. It is known as the Great Canadian Winter Hat. It is soft and warm yet shaped a bit like a trilby. It has ear flaps that you can pull down in the event of a polar wind, a "tuck-away forehead warmer", a secret pocket (which I haven't yet found), is guaranteed not to wear out and it comes insured agains loss.


Margaret Maloney said...

How do you like your Tilley Winter Hat? I'm thinking about getting one.

Unknown said...

I love it. I don't want the warm weather to come because it will prevent me from wearing it.