Sunday, April 19, 2009

bud, decades, bee

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The structure of a bud.

Awake in the early hours, I try get a grip on the landmarks of my life - a difficult task because I have a very poor grasp of dates. To make things easy, I ask myself where I was when I was 10 and then at at the end of every 10 year period. I have nearly always lived in the south east of England, in the counties of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. But what I realize, for the first time this morning, is that the longest period, in which I have lived in the same house is that, which extends over the past 20 years until the present, and that the house, which I now occupy, is the one where I have lived for the longest uninterrupted period.

What is the black cat watching with such intensity in the flower bed? And makes a prodding gesture towards with its paw? It is a bumble bee. The bee takes little notice and continues on it odd, circuitous flight, searching

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The Crow said...

Beautiful, voluptuous (def: suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form) bud, full of promise, of beauty waiting to burst upon the scene.