Thursday, April 16, 2009

wood pigeon, drift, dance

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Among the buds.

In a splash of sunshine I encounter a drift of petals flying in the wind.

I meet the same neighbour twice in the space of 15 minutes. Our circular routes, in opposite directions, through the Grove and along the High Street, trace a dance of almost geographical magnitude.


Roderick Robinson said...

And what does the Tunbridge Wells Social Etiquette rule-book say about the form of greeting employed at the second meeting? Especially if the first verged on the fulsome. And you know quite well I'm not asking casually.

Unknown said...

"Hullo, again!" ,(with feeling), and quickly pass on.

The Crow said...



Lucy said...

'Rebonjour!' we say here.

Philippine allstars said...

great photo... what type of camera and lens did you use?