Friday, April 10, 2009

daffodils, shady, swirling

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Resting in the Grove.

There is one side of our garden dominated by a bay tray, which is dry and shady. It has taken some time to find the sort of plants - mostly those used to a woodland habitat - which will grow there. Just now one of the most successful of these, Solomon's Seal, Poligonatum in the gardening books, is just now sending up its long, narrow spikes, which will unfold to become handsome lanceolate leaves. It grows almost fast enough to see it move. Soon it will put out its pendulous clusters of tubular white flowers. A stately plant.

In the Grove they have been cutting the grass. Apart from the scent, the sight of the swathes of cut grass swirling across the open spaces, is another local sign of Spring.

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