Monday, April 13, 2009

starling, routine, blessed

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On the roof.

To do the same thing at the same time every day; to recognise the days of the week, by particular activities scheduled for those days; to perform every year the same tasks according to the season, can be comforting and reassure the restless spirit. But sometime it helps the spirit to jump ship and see how they do things where you happen to land.

The buds on a broom form a dense cloud of golden flies.

To find out whether Plutarch is smiling visit Compasses. And watch the space there for the guards and those who guard the guards.


Zhoen said...

Sounds like the subject for research and a book, a daily and weekly and monthly routine. I wish I could imagine it.

Roderick Robinson said...

Routine was the very heart of salaried work. There's now delight in taking hold of routine, ju-jitsu like, flipping it on its head and applying it to a life given over to pleasure.