Wednesday, May 02, 2012

dance Jacobs ramsons

Dancing in and dancing out. In the tube station at Waterloo.

Glimpsed from the train, in a field, a flock of Jacob's sheep distinguished by the white fleece with splodges of brown. The wool if undyed  and knitted apparently produces piebald garments.

When I used to walk in the country round here, at this time of year I would frequently see and sometimes smell ramsons or wild garlic. White flowers are produced from the broad,  spiky leaves common to most members of the allium family. The plant likes damp woodland. Never before have I seen it in The Grove.  I can scarcely believe it. True it is in a shady corner of the park, but could it be? I stroll over and squeeze the star shaped flowers. No doubt about it, my fingers smell of garlic. And come to think of it, three hours later they still do. I have always thought of it as a wild flower, but notice with interest  that it appears nowadays on menus in posh restaurants and I have even seen it in bundles in posh greengrocers


CC said...

When my siblings and I were small we would come in from playing in the garden, Always wondered how Mom knew what we had been "tasting"....reeking from wild garlic. LOL

Roderick Robinson said...

The great thing about the London variety is that they are self-herding, they need neither febrile dog nor monosyllabic shepherd. From time to time, and because I lived there, I like to day-dream about the extremes of US cultural attitudes compared with those in the UK. Cricket is, of course, a great starting point for such a debate (US: "A tie is like kissing your sister"); another would surely be One Man And His Dog. Were OMAHD to return, would it qualify as reality TV? I'm not sure that even the most ardent fans would have labelled it as sport.