Sunday, May 06, 2012

outlook control mushrooms

World view.

Some mechanics from the car work shop in Mount Sion have got  hold of some remote controlled  racing model cars which they are playing with in the street. Makes a  change from servicing  full size motor cars. Even more of a change, there is a motor bike in the collection which they race along the road. When it comes to the sleeping policeman hump it doesn't slow down but performs a somersault, lands on its wheels and continues on its way.

In some of the flowerbeds in The Grove mushrooms are beginning to appear.  They are growing out of what may well be used mushroom compost. Or perhaps the stuff called forest loam employed  to  keep weeds down in shrubberies. The mushrooms bring to mind my late Mother-in-Law who proudly used to point out tomato plants growing in her flower border. "They are from the compost we buy from the sewage farm", she would say, "passed through the human gut".


Anonymous said...

Until now I had never encountered the expression "sleeping policeman hump"! I knew exactly what it meant right away, but I will never see plain old speed bumps as prosaically anymore....

Unknown said...

I think I must have invented it. Glad you got the meaning though.