Monday, May 07, 2012

shadows magpie applause

The back of a road sign shows the hard shadows of leaves.

First thing this morning I see a magpie alight on a tv aerial. It perches there for a minute while the aerial sways. It has a twig in its beak. With a push and a flap it takes off and flies over our house. The aerial is still untenanted but  it is still swaying.

In the  vegetable garden I  hoe the onions which Lucy sent me from Brittany. A green spike is beginning to emerge from each set so that I can see where to take the hoe, but I must go carefully. As I reach the end of a row, there is a sudden burst of applause. Or so it seems. In fact it is a pigeon leaving the tree behind me  and noisily flapping its wings as pigeons do.

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Lucy said...

I second that pigeon!

Mine have got some quite long shoots on them too now, the rain has really brought them on, though the worst of it washed them a bit bare and dislodged some of them at first.