Monday, May 14, 2012

view starlings sprouting

Looking up from Platform 1 Tunbridge Wells railway station.

As usual  this year starlings are nesting in the capital of the  decorative pillar which is set into the wall of the house across the street. The parents fly to and fro in response to a noise like a telephone with a faulty bell. You can imagine without seeing them  the gaping maws of the nestlings.

The first batch of garden peas which I planted out a few weeks ago are coming into flower. They have survived  the pigeons  under the netting which I spread over seedlings.  Last year the pigeons made a meal of the lot. There is room, plenty of room for more plants. This time I have set out some purple sprouting broccoli, another pigeon favourite. The peas should be ready to harvest in a few weeks, the broccoli in as many months.


Lucy said...

Watch the starlings carefully and you'll see that not only do they take food in, but bring out small white packages of nestling poo, which they presumably drop at some distance from the nest. They are surprisingly clean birds like this.

The station view looks a bit like a model theatre.

Unknown said...

The are a bit high to watch in detail. But thank yoy for that piece of information. I remember a schoolteacher saying that starlings are untidy feeders as we watched them on a feeding platform. But clearly they are good housekeepers.