Saturday, July 28, 2012

green memories cake

Essay in green.

In a road where I used to live 30 years ago, as though inspired  by Higgs bosons memories gather mass. In the front garden of the house which belonged to me I notetwo shrubs - a philadelphus (mock orange)  and a hypericum Hidcote. I  very well recall planting them in the position in which they are now apparently flourishing.

On the street on the other side of the hedge two mothers with push chairs are talking as they walk past: "I can't eat cake, " says one. "I can't stop eating it," says the other.


Roderick Robinson said...

I remember a huge house (or so it seemed) with high ceilings. Also, sitting in the kitchen as you cut up vegetables into an aluminium bowl the size of a baby's bath. Oh, and a B&O hi-fi system eventually wrecked by the au pair. I thought you liked the town but thirty years later I discovered you didn't; I was able to use some of your antipathies about the town in GT.

Unknown said...

I did like the town, but gradually grew to dislike aspects of it. A Yorkshireman from Bradford who had spent much of life in local government complained that it lacked civic pride. Preparing vegetables which I have grown myself is always satisying. I'm glad that you remember an aluminium bowl the size of a baby's bath, even if I don't. The B & O Oh dear!