Friday, July 06, 2012

lights builder guard

My recent interest in the graphic possibilities of traffic lights has expanded to take in their photographic potential. More work needed in both departments.

In The Grove a squirrel with a long twig in one claw stands upright. I pull out my camera, but the little creature scarpers, before I have time to snap him looking like a squirrel warrior with a spear.

A security guard enters the bank. He is wearing a helmet with the visor raised. He is dressed mostly in black with some orange stripes and looks sinister enough. But worse, he is carrying a secure box on which the word Warning is printed in large letters. The problem is that the the last syllable of the word is obscured so that it reads War.


The Crow said...

Good image of the lights, Plutarch. Most of the ones here in town need updating...and to have birds' nests removed.

Not sure why, since I didn't see him in person, but a chill settled over my shoulders when I finished reading about the guard.

Unknown said...

I love to think of birds nests in traffic lights. It suggests a quiet town. It is very good to hear from you, dear Crow.