Saturday, July 14, 2012

seeds interesting lunch

A close look always repays attention.  How the seeds adhere to a dandelion clock. A pattern and texture to consider carefully.

People who work in service industries where they meet the public regularly seem to be trained to make small talk whenever a silence ensues. Some are better at it than others. I find myself collecting the formulaic questions which they put to you. One of my favourite is "Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?"  Today from a young woman in the building society.  I have noted it here before but confess to having  failed to arrive at  a suitable, formulaic reply.

Outside an Italian restaurant chain in Mount Pleasant a blackboard announces at the head of a list of menu items, "Lunch on the Run". A worrying idea. Bad for the digestion and for the state of calm that a good lunch should induce. I can't imagine such a proclamation making much impact in France where lunch is supposed to be a sacred institution. But perhaps no longer. Judging by descriptions of the feeding habits of contestants in the Tour de France this massive race must be an exception.

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