Friday, July 20, 2012

mallow torch fox

Mallow in its commoner forms has a tall untidy habit but its large, purple flowers are photogenic. The translucent petals  show off their fine veins and with the shadow of other petals behind them, a  range of tonal variation, which is not always  so evident in other flowers.

With the London  Olympics due to begin next week preparations are starting to intrude and the arrangements, security and otherwise, to irritate members of the public, but to be positive about the games, it seems that many people are genuinely excited about their proximity.  Hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets to see the torch which has been carried through   UK towns and highroads and nothing should be allowed to take away their pleasure at the spectacle. Last week it was carried up Tunbridge Wells High Street. We asked our friendly waitress at The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill in The High Street whether she had seen it pass. "I held it," she said beaming at the memory. "The lady in charge of it gave it to me to hold."

The garden next door to the vegetable garden, as I said the other day, is now deliciously wild. Bushes have outgrown  their former gentility and their branches have mingled  freely with undergrowth and creeping and climbing plants. As I go to the fence to look into the patches of darkness which lurk in the middle of them, the grass parts and a large fox emerges.  I have noticed foxes when disturbed do not scamper away like other wild animals. This one is no exception. It walks off with quiet dignity as a human being might to find a more peaceful place to sleep.

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