Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three, Sauternes and six sixes

Number  three  stencilled on a  lamppost.

Grandson Jacob brings a bottle of Sauternes, Rousset Peyraguey 2004 when he visits us yesterday. The  name  on the  label signifies little to me, but the honeyed wine with a fine edge of acidity on the finish, lingers in the memory. As it happens I have baked a rhubarb meringue tart. It turns out to be a perfect match. Chance and generosity together  make triumphal music.

Sport doesn't as a rule feature in my notes. With exceptions it brings in its wake nowadays too much noise and nastiness . But every now and then a sporting achievement transcends the unpalatable . I read with a lift of the heart  that one Jordan Clark playing in a second X1 game between Lancashire and Yorkshire, last week became the fifth professional cricketer to score six sixes in one over. I wish I had been there.


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Tom said...

Yes, I heard that news clip. I echo your wish. Incidentally, I do watch some T20 very largely because I feel starved of cricket. In a recent match Chris Gayle scored something in the region of 185 n.o. 100 of those runs were scored in 6's. That was some mighty powerful hitting.

Roderick Robinson said...

I don't think I've ever turned up with a pudding wine (certainly not one as grand as this) and yet it's probably the best option. Hand over a red and there's that awkward moment; should it be consumed at the forthcoming meal leading to possible problems about fitting it in? I think it's more or less agreed that a pudding wine would be consumed. It's a genuine gift not an area of confusion. I'll bear that in mind.

Unknown said...

Tom Stirring, but aesthetically it does compare with a perfect cover drive, the impact of bat and ball and the follow-through.

Robbie We shouldn't forget that a "sticky" as the wine trade sometimes call it goes well if not better with blue cheese than most red wine. Port is the exception with Stilton but port is of course sweet.