Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fledged, skeleton and bloggery

A newly fledged blackbird visits the hedge and appears bewildered by the creatures which inhabit its borders. Wouldn't you be?
After one session with the chiropractic I have rediscovered the ability to turn my head and look to left and right which would be even more of a gift if I were still driving.  As it is I am already a fan. I have even read the leaflet which Andy gave me. The system which he practises is called McTimoney. He explains  the spectrum of muscular-skeletal treatments available which extend from various schools of osteopathy through various schools of chiropractic. All seek to establish a harmonious balance of skeleton  and muscle so that despite wear and tear  they can operate smoothly. Summarising its content the leaflet asks the rhetorical question:  "Isn't it time you discovered how the McTimoney technique  can help you, your family and your animals stay stronger and pain free for life?"That's reassuring. When I return next week I shall ask Andy who is fond of cricket  more about McTimoney. And whether - though I suspect he is far too young -  he remembers Keith Miller.

What  I enjoy most about blogging is the conversations which it can promote. The global village is alive. It's best when resonant with voices, and  voices, which when you listen to them, challenge and respond, arrange and re-arrange, construe and harmonise.



Roderick Robinson said...

A McTimoney chiropractor attended to me at his house when I faced a weekend incapacitated by sciatica. It seemed to work. But when we reverted to his surgery, much closer to where I live, he alarmed me by lighting candles before getting on with the job. For one thing I don't like the smell of burning candles, for another I couldn't help doubting their therapeutic value. Otherwise I profited.

Unknown said...

The McTimoney chiropractic method is known for its gentle nature, thus it is deemed as safe for all ages. In fact, even animals may benefit from it. In that case, I guess Andy is probably right when he assured you that this treatment may help you, as your family animals achieved a healthy and pain-free life. I hope you considered trying it out yourself.

Victor Barnes @ Spine Boy