Friday, July 01, 2005

Green Insects, Green farmland, Green Flowers

In the window of Silks fashion shop in the High Street, someone has made flying, green insects from Badoit bottles and suspended them to attract cutomers. The bottles are split open and cut into curved panels for the wings. Entire bottles form the thorax and abdomen. Six transparent, green drinking straws make the legs.

Anna, who is cruising in the Baltic, writes, in a post card, of the Kiel Canel: It was heavenly to see the sun set over misty, very green farmland, while groups of swans, sometimes over 30 of them, paddled past along the bank.

Are the flowers of the lime-tree green? Or cream coloured? Lime green perhaps, in contrast with the more conventional green of the leaves. I examine the flowers, which hang modestly in pendulous umbels below the long, pale bracts on which the seeds will eventually glide in the Autumn wind.

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Clare said...

That shop always has a clever display - I remember one of dogs made out of mops!