Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Erik Satie, busy pigeons, daffodils

The gentle sound of the pianist, Aldo Ciccolini playing Satie, especially Trois Gymnopedies and Six Gnossiennes - music for a lazy afternoon, melancholic, meditative.

A busy day for pigeons; they are flying around all over the place. I watch them not entirely with equanimity, as I know they have learnt how eat my purple sprouting brocolli through the netting which I use to keep them off.

The few daffodils, which have flowered in the vegetable garden, where they are grown for cutting, express their thanks for being taken indoors, by releasing a powerful scent.


tristan said...

but the spaces between the notes in gymnopedies are so distracting !

best wishes from spain !

Unknown said...

Only in the sense that they make you anxious about when you will hear the notes take up the theme again.

Best wishes in Spain.