Thursday, February 15, 2007

glitter, moment, Everyman

Shiny, evergreen cherry laurel leaves in the middle distance behind the tulip tree sway and glitter in the morning sun helped by a light breeze.

A moment captured, just below the Grove. A magpie clucks noisily in a holly tree. A black cat sits on the fence beneath the tree. It is curious about the bird. Probably the bird is alarmed by the cat. The cat's green eyes catch the sun.

Everyman Books, since their new design came out about 20 years ago, are the most comfortable way to read classic authors I can think of. Today, I spot a series called Everyman Pocket Poets. They are delight to handle and to read, and they do fit comfortably into the pocket. On an impulse I buy an anthology of Indian Love Poems and another anthology called The Dance


Rashmi said...

The Anthology sounds interesting... which poets are included?

Unknown said...

A lot. I am afraid I have hardly any knowledge of the poets of India, with the exception of Tagore, who is pretty well known in England. The selection spans earliest Sanscrit and Tamil and extends into the 2oth century. Most poems are translations (Malayam, Telegu, Bengali, Hindu, Urdu and some are in English). I guess it is pretty representative, and as the poems or extracts are quite short, it should serve me, in my state of shameful ignorance, as a useful introduction to a rich body of litterature. What I have read so far, I find fresh and delightful, as you might expect from someone coming new to them.