Saturday, February 03, 2007

sunflower, game, collared doves

A beaming elderly lady hums through the Pantiles farmers' market in the bright sunshine. Attached to the front of her basket is a big, plastic sunflower.

Two little girls hide behind the sheeting in front of their mother's jam stall in the market . Two terriers of the bull terrier type make friends with them, but cannot see the joke, as the girls are overcome by an attack of the giggles.

A pair of collared doves now appear regularly in the Grove. They are distinguishable by a half collar at the back of the neck. They are a soft grey colour, and of the delicate shape that one supposes separates doves from pigeons.

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Lucas said...

Joyce loves the image of the dogs and the girls. It is a true observation that dogs are aware that a joke is taking place but don't "see" it.