Friday, February 02, 2007

pretty cops, oysters, keyboard

We pass a good looking young man and woman, chatting and laughing as they walk by. They greet us cheerfully. They are wearing community police uniforms.

I buy some oysters from the fishmonger, who calls every Friday in his white van. Last time I tried to open oysters, it was a struggle, and as a result I bought a specialised oyster knife. That was several years ago, and until today I have not used it. It was something of a triumph then to succeed, not without a little difficulty at first, in finding the tricky little muscle at one end of the mollusc, and leavering the two sides of the shell apart. A bottle of Chablis saved for such an occasion enhances what is already a treat.

In a skip, I spot a cardboard box with one of those Yamaha electronic keyboards inside. Someone has written on the box: "Please take me. I do work." I don't take advantage of the offer, but hope that someone with a taste for such things is as nosey as I am.

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