Sunday, April 08, 2007

cashew nuts, sunday sounds, shallots

It's good for a change to find an Indian restaurant with a menu quite different from the standard fare of curries and tandoori grills. A small group of restaurants, one of which is in Tunbridge Wells, specialises, instead, in the food of Kerala in southern India. On the menu are various savoury pancakes and breads. Something I had never tried before was cashew nuts fried in a spicey batter.

A fine Easter Sunday, and the sounds are different. Footsteps are more leisurely. Voices are slower and more relaxed. There is cheerfulness and occasional laughter in the air.

Shallots peeled and caramelized slowly in a saucepan, until they are soft and golden brown.


Lucas said...

I have enjoyed Cashew Nut curry as cooked by the Sri Lankan resaurant near to where I work - it is a delicious dish that goes well with bioled rice. Jack fruit is another of their specialities.

Rashmi said...

Oh hey! I never knew that people other than the Indians settled in the UK enjoyed Indian food! That's quite a heart warming news to come by... what's your favourite Indian dish?

Unknown said...

Indian food has long been a favourite in England, and with English people. There are few towns of any size that do not have at least one Indian restaurant. Most have several. London, Birmingham and Manchester have hundreds. When the pubs close, notoriously, the Indian restaurants and take-aways fill up. I am not sure how well the menu matches the real food of India. I suspect that a British version of Indian food, with, for the most part, little attention paid to regional differences on the sub-continent has developed. In a recent pole a dish called Chicken Tikka Masala emerged as Britain's most popular dish! Fish and Chips came somewhere below it in the popularity stakes.