Wednesday, April 04, 2007

discovery, three little policemen, matched

I visit with special pleasure a website called , where Lucy Kempton has illustrated one of my poems with some photographs, which she took in New Zealand. The photographs are beautiful and mysterious in a way, which perfectly complements the theme of the poem. Her blog is called It's worth visiting.

In the Grove I spot three community policemen strolling side by side. They all seem to be the same height, not very tall, I would say. Suddenly the title of a comic sketch, as yet unwritten, comes into my mind - The Three Little Policemen. Their gait is jolly and light-hearted, and I think they might at any moment, begin to dance. It's all the more apt, when I realize that one of the little policmen is in fact a little policewoman.

Fifteen years ago today I went to a party. I was a widower, who was happily resigned to remaining single. And match-making was in the air. So I was an unwilling guest. Hence my reluctance to accept the invitation. The first person I saw on entering the room was, I correctly guessed, the person intended for me. She, aware of what was going on too, and, an equally reluctant match, resolutely kept her back to me. The following Wednesday we went to a pub together. She came back for a meal, and, I'm happy to say, has stayed put ever since.

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Lucy said...

Thanks Joe,
That's a wonderful story about you and Heidi; congratulations and many more to come!