Friday, April 20, 2007

gull steals car, Bulgarians, cats

A fat, sleek herring gull occupies the roof of a car, one of a line of cars parked in the High Street of St Leonards. It walks to and fro brushing, from time to time, against the aerial, which is fixed to the roof above the windscreen. It seems to have assumed ownership of the vehicle. It doesn't seem disturbed by on-lookers but appears rather to enjoy showing of its new possession.

Bulgaria seems a long way from Tunbridge Wells and Tunbridge Wells from Bulgaria, so I like the notice outside a newsagent's window, which simply asks: "Are there any Bulgarians in Tunbridge Wells? "

Cats have the capacity to stay still for a long time, without becoming bored or restless. It must be part of the instinct to lie in wait for prey. I see a cat sitting absolutely still in the window of a house. I mistake it, at first, for a china cat.

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Clare said...

There's a Bulgarian in my salsa class. Perhaps I'll tell him about the card... Or perhaps it's his card.