Friday, April 27, 2007

earthworms, Lord Bute, new leaves

While I am preparing the soil for sowing seed, a female black bird gathers earthworms, fillets them tidily, and makes a bundle of the fillets in her beak.

Last year a pelargonium called Lord Bute, which I had in a pot, barely flowered and when it did, I managed to break off the flowering stems, by clumsy watering. I trimmed it back and wintered it in the greenhouse, where it seems to have flourished. Today, I bring it back to the garden where, although a little leggy, it is showing off more dark crimson and carmine blooms than I would ever have thought possible.

A gentle breeze stirs the new, fresh green leaves on the lime tree, which, for the first time this season, make a hushing sound; "shush, shush.."

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