Monday, September 24, 2007

connected, cat, yoga

One of the many pleasures of this small hotel overlooking the sea is the lap top computer which sits on the reception desk for the use of guests. Yesterday, it was not working. Today it is, and I have the added pleasure of seeing that Lucy Kempton has added five more sets of photographs to our Compasses blog. I have not looked at them yet, and may postpone that pleasure until I get home, where I am more confident with the technology.

There are six old fashioned, wooden sunbeds with faded, striped mattresses beside the swimming pool. The swimming pool is small and shaded by palm trees and other discrete greenery. At this time of the year, the sun does not reach the pool, so we have it to ourselves, except, that is, for a thin, grey cat, which is stretched on one of the sun beds, as though it were pretending to be a sun-bathing human. It stares at us angry at our intrusion. Heidi addresses it gently but it gets up crossly and slinks away into the shrubbery.

From the balcony, early this morning, I watch a woman perform a yoga routine on a mat laid out on the clean sand. She moves slowly and every move is balanced and considered. She concludes the exercises by getting herself, by various stages, into a head-stand position, where she remains for at least minute, perfectly upright, straight, balanced.

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