Saturday, September 08, 2007

new shop, posh spuds, big leaves

They are refurbishing a shop in Chapel Place, a short respectable pedestrian precinct leading to the Church of King Charles the Martyr. There is a famous book shop, a shop which specialises in country clothes and a one which sells hand made gardening tools. So it was surprising to see a cardboard sign on the half decorated shop bearing the words "sex shop". Today, I overhear and old lady asking the workmen about the sign, which seemed to have disappeared. "People kept asking us what sort of shop it was going to be," he said, "so we stuck up the notice to keep them quiet. It worked very well. "

In the farmers' market, a farmer selling just potatoes explains the different varieties he has on display. "These", he says, " are the Crystal Champagne of potatoes.

In someone's peaceful garden I am shown a big spreading catalpa tree, with its huge leaves and long black seed pods. The branches are propped up by numerous stakes. It is very old.

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