Thursday, September 13, 2007

Newfoundland, robin, blogs

Seal, the newfoundland puppy, is in the Grove to day with her owner. She starts up and sniffs the air as a helecopter passes over. "She's loves helecopters and squirrels, " he says.

At first we were puzzled by the identity of the bird that has been visiting our little garden for the last few days. It fluttered around the table on the terrace and seldom seemed far from the ground. Today for the first time you could tell that it was a robin, but but a very young one. On previous visits, it had seemed too fluffy for a robin, its red breast, no more than a shade of pink. On top of its head a thatch of little feathers looked like some sort of crest. Now the red breast is better defined; the hatch is disappearing, and the little bird's perky attitude when it stands still on its long legs and cocks its head leave no room for doubt.

I read that there are estimated to be 71 million blogs on the net.

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