Monday, September 10, 2007

vintage, hedgehog, dream

In the window of a shop, which sells expensive gardening equipment is a garden hose reel. It carries the label "vintage hose reel", and is highly priced. You can tell it is "vintage" by the rust.

There is one of those brushes fixed on bracket beside the front door to remove mud from your boots in the porch of a house that I pass. This one is in the shape of hedgehog. It's so realistic that you have look twice to check that it is not a real hedgehog.

Sometimes, as I did this morning, I wake from a dream and want to get back into it in order to find out what happens. It's not as extreme a feeling as Caliban's, who laments when he awakes after dreaming of "riches ready to drop upon him...I cry'd to dream again." In my case, it's just curiosity and a mild disappointment, which lasts longer than my memory of what the dream was about.

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herhimnbryn said...

Are, those dreams. The need to get back to them makes getting out of bed on a cold day, irksome.