Thursday, December 18, 2008

amarylis, strange pint, jaguar

Posted by Picasa Insect's eye view.Inside a white amaryllis are the filaments and anthers which compose the stamens.

Apart from the service of draft beer - a pint of beer is a tradition too strong to eradicate - the pint is no longer a recognised legal measure. We notice, however, that a bar in the Pantiles has, in addition to a "pint of prawns" on its menu, a surprising "pint of chips". In both instances "pint" seems to have achieved a new meaning .

Headlines with unintended meanings have always been a weakness of mine. Today ,"Government confirm Jaguar talks", is hard to resist.


Rouchswalwe said...

I wonder if the Jaguar is a fast talker, too.

tristan said...

pedantry condemns me to observe that the brain has it's own fast-track mechanisms for processing peripheral vision sub-liminally ... hence the time when as my train was drawing into bath spa station at speed along the curved platform and i mis-read the religious poster on display as ... "jesus swerves"