Tuesday, December 30, 2008

self-portrait, collector, sunrise

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Self-portrait in the sun outside the bar window of the Compasses.

An entomologist, Christine Rollard, uses a length of tubing to collect spiders too delicate to grasp with her fingers. The picture in the December National Geographic Magazine shows her sucking at the tubing to pick up the spiders from a sheet of muslin stretched on a frame set up amid dense jungle foliage. She could be playing a musical instrument or smoking an unusual pipe.

As I drink my morning tea I watch the sun rise slowly behind the tulip tree. Just a lip-like rim appears, which gradually becomes larger and more imposing. I feel that I can see it moving. At first, the mist masks the brightness, but soon the glare of the red ball is too much for the naked eye.


tristan said...

fabulous picture ... i'll drink to that, and here's to you !

happy new year !

Roderick Robinson said...

I don't normally compliment bloggers on their photography because there's so much good stuff around. But I'll make an exception here. Stout work.

Before I did that to a spider I would need to know that my pipette incorporated one of those extra reservoirs intended to prevent over-enthusiatic chemists from ingesting a mouthful of fuming nitric acid.

Unknown said...

Cheers, both!