Saturday, December 13, 2008

Horatio, for the dog, strips

Posted by Picasa As we are walking down the Strand my friend, Anna says to me: "Who's that up there"? Then we realize that it's Admiral Lord Nelson, enjoying the sunset from his column above Trafalgar Square?

A friend, introducing a delightful note of domesticity, concludes an email, " ...must make a hot-water bottle for the dog."

As I insert Christmas Cards into their self-sealing envelopes (how comforting these are after the ones which you have to lick), I wonder to what use I can put the pretty strips of treated paper, which peel away so neatly from the adhesive. The envelopes I have used this year are made by a firm called Conqueror, whose triumphant logo is printed repetitively at an angle across the strips.
So far I have thought of two uses: as book marks, though because of their relative fragility, they would probably only do on a temporary basis; or alternatively, I could gum the ends of each strip, and made a paper chain, but to make a chain long enough for any useful purpose, would demand a lot of Christmas cards, and I fear I would run out of friends before achieving my aim.


Rouchswalwe said...

Oh, give the paper strips to your friend Anna for her cat ... will take the happy creature's mind off of catching mice and depositing them in her purse!

Dave King said...

I use tham as bookmarks - for poetry books, mainly, in which I often need to isert many marks. They are thin enough not to spoil the binding, even in numbers. Sorry to be so unoriginal.

Lucy said...


Mol had the hot water bottle as she waits in the car when we are out, preferring that to being left at home, and rather soft-heartedly, I feel her wait will be easier for having the HWB under her blanket on the front seat!