Monday, December 29, 2008

bare, visitor, skate-boarder

Posted by Picasa In many respects trees are more interesting to look at when all their leaves have fallen.

Through the window of our dining room we see a squirrel in the front garden. The squirrel catches sight of us. "Help", it says to its self, "human beings in their drey!"; and scampers off. In the last year or so the number of squirrels in the Grove (grey squirrels of course in this part of the world) has visibly multiplied, and this visitor's explorations, can only be seen as a result of the little park becoming over-crowded. Me, I like a bit of wild.

As I walk down Mount Pleasant, a young man on a skate board slope rattles past my ear. The brick pavement is wide and the slope steep. I think, what fun it must be to weave downhill in and out of pedestrians and bring a little excitement into the lives of the elderly and infirm.

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Dave King said...

I agree, individually, the naked tree is often visually more exciting. Trees in full leaf come into their own in the mass. (many exceptions, though!)